I thought they might could have gotten some semblannce of a spark back

And there went the ball game.They look deader than dead out there.I thought they might could have gotten some semblannce of a spark back from beating the Cubs at Wrigley, but nope they look like they did last September.First inning, Feliz, who, by the replica Bvlgari AL44BTAVD/S Men's watch way, was Fast Eddie's piece of crap signing, GIDP with bases loaded, 1 out.Second inning,? Keppinger (Fungus indeed) grounds out weakly with bases loaded 2 out.3rd inning, 2 on, 2 out, Manzella Ks.

Amazing that the team has ANY fans left, not that the owners care.Sigh.Was it really less than a week ago I was praising Sean Berry? Dude needs to start kicking some serious Lance Lee ass.And Biggio went 3 fer 5 and he’s down to 49.Hopefully it WILL rain tomorrow the guys need a day off.Or SOMEthing…We've lost 4 games in a row replica Ulysse Nardin 266-36LE-3 Men's watch now and it is time to reverse the streak.Lance and Carlos Lee have GOT to hit.And Loretta can NOT be put at short ANY MORE.He would have to hit like Arod is hitting now to justify that.And Ooh Phil was NOT a happy guy last night.

Matt Morris started the season on the DL after offseason shoulder surgery, so has started only one game since he came off, facing the World Championship headed Pirates (yes, sarcasm sorry Pirate fans, your team's owner sucks) going 1-0 over 6 IP with replica Tissot T04.5.185.31 Ladie's watch and 9 K.career: 88 52 with a 3.15ERA in 685.2 IPvs Houston: (not including post-season) 8-9 in 24 GS with a 3.55 ERA and a .262 BAAin 159.2 IPI don't know if Luke Scott or Mike Lamb will be starting today Luke has been (what's that word um, pressing, and, for that matter, so has Bagwell) but there really is no lefty advantage against Morris, so wwe'll have to see…

I got to see THAT because the Mavericks game was already over

I got to see THAT because the Mavericks game was already over.Just great.Almost 5 hours here we go again.Just like last year.We had 16 hits, 6 walks and left 18 on base.I mean, really, tonight is the night Phil shoulda saved the angry for not running into some kid pitching the game of his life.I’m sure Burke is gonna be the designated fall replica Ulysse Nardin 322-88 Men's watch guy, but really, it SHOULD be on Lance and Lee they are supposed to be the big guns and they flat out are NOT getting it done at ALL.They are getting piddly singles when it doesn’t help and a few sac flies, which just will NOT cut it.Fortunately, only like maybe 3000 fans were present in the stadium to watch and I mean from the beginning.

In fact, I was shocked when Bagwell got so upset with the ump at the Mets game for calling strike 3 when it was obviously ball 4; I don't remember Baggy ever having it out with an ump before…Today, we gonna try to avoid the sweep.I replica Tissot T005.517.17.277.00 Men's watch mean, not losing with Duckworthless refusing to throw darn near any pitch that was not a meatball my granma in a wheelchair could hit was gonna take a miracle.But our “hitters” refusing to work the count with Mulder up there and looking like rookie leaguers,-

AGAIN leaving poor Roger hanging out to dry grr- having Mulder being able to throw 101 pitches over 10 innings gr.So Brandon Backe RHP faces Matt Morris RHP, former ace, and all I can say is hitters better not be makin Morris look good. replica Tissot T96.1.428.52 Men's watch And of course, Backe is a hitting pitcher, which, hopefully, will help cuz we need all the hitting help we can get….Backe is 1-0 this year in 3 GS with a 3.93 ERA in 18.1 IP (2 of those ER thanks to Franco letting inherited runners score gr)career vs: St Louis he is (including the postseason) 2-0 in 4 GS (with 4 relief appearances) with a 2.81 ERA, 5 HR, 9 BB and 19 K in 25.2 IP.

Mulder look like Ace de la Ace out there 101 pitches in 10 IP went only ONCE to a 3-2 count

Roger's ERA is now 0.32 unreal.Astros hitters made Mulder look like Ace de la Ace out there 101 pitches in 10 IP went only ONCE to a 3-2 count and never needed more than 16 pitches in 1 inning.Mike Lamb started at first today and actually replica Tissot T60.1.517.33 Men's watch looked great picked 3 throws out of the dirt Ensberg wasn't throwing on the money?as he usually does.Lane made an absolutely AWESOME catch in the first to rob Eckstein, and Burke made 2 more great catches.I cannot believe how well that guy has done in left!

Why do people sneer at “utility” guys who can play many positions well? Seems to me that that is a LOT more athletic and worthy of real respect than someone who can only play one position..Other interesting observations the announcers said that St.Louis fans really like Eckstein, the gritty little guy who manages to play MLB without any real “tools.” I think that a LOT of fans love gritty little guys a LOT more than the replica Tissot T33.7.688.81 Men's watch type players who are slow can't run or field, no matter how many RCAA they have.I can't remember Craig Biggio ever getting into an argument with an ump over a call, either strikes or play at the base.

Yecccccch.Luke Scott strands 2 in the 10th.Mo Ensberg strands 3 in the 11th.Loretta strands 1 in the 12th.By the 13th, we were out of hitters and Borkowski got to strike out for his own self.In the 14th, Carlos Lee leads off and he FINALLY hits a ball a long way, doubling to right.But he’s stranded just as he left everyone else.It’s the 15th, and Shawn Freaking Chacon has pitched 4 scoreless innings, which about tells it all.And after he turns replica Ulysse Nardin 660-88-213 Men's watch the ball over to John Wasdin, it’s 15th verse, same as the first.In the 16th, the “big hitters” Berkman, Lee, Ensberg and Lane are up and do nothing.Moehler runs out of gas in the 16th, his third inning, and lets the winning run score with bases loaded and 2 out.

I replica Tissot T90.4.446.3 Men's watch have also added that I like us Astros to win them

Well, I DID say that I like pitchers duels.I replica Tissot T90.4.446.3 Men's watch have also added that I like us Astros to win them.Roger wasn't sharp today, wasn't getting a LOT of pitches over, walked FOUR guys and only Kd 5 in 7 IP (126 pitches thrown, BTW a little much for a 43 year old who was seriously tired by last October) but managed to get out of the inning TWICE with bases loaded and once with 2 on.) Another 7 scoreless innings with only FOUR Astros hits and no walks.Roger now has a 23 inning scoreless streak has a lOong way to go before he gets to Orel Hershiser's 59.

Luke Scott pinch hits and drives in Adam with a single.Loretta pinch hits for Qualls and singles.Then Biggio drives in Scott with a single.OHMIGAWD it's the comeback kidz again.I don't believe it.But Jim Tracy very intelligently pulls replica Ulysse Nardin 270-68 Men's watch Torres out and sends in a lefty who retires Palmeiro and Berkman.We strand 2.AGAIN.And Husband sez, very firmly your suckulous sucks had their chance it's Mavericks time.So I watch the rest of the baseball game on the computer.

I think NOT.And Fast Eddie is trying to package Roy and Lance and dump their salaries so we will only have El Gordo left in left hahaha.Doubt he will get anything of real value back, but they'll be cheap and cheap crap can lose just as easily.The only ballplayer on this team who is playing worth a darn is Michael Bourn, who, as usual, scored the only run.Keppinger has returned to mediocrity and the rest of them are the absolute dregs of baseball.And the new manager? With 2 on, 2 out, the 8 hitter (who replica Bvlgari BB38SGDAUTO Men's watch hitting here at the Box, seeing as how he is from Houston) up, he won't IBB him again and pitch to the pitche.?


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